Julia L. Finkelstein, MPH SM ScD
Principal Investigator

Dr. Julia L. Finkelstein, MPH SM ScD
The Follett Sesquicentennial Faculty Fellow  
Assistant Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition
Division of Nutritional Sciences
College of Human Ecology
Cornell University   
Adjunct Associate Professor, St. John’s Research Institute, Bangalore, India

Dr. Julia Finkelstein is the Follett Sesquicentennial Faculty Fellow and Assistant Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition in the Division of Nutritional Sciences, Cornell University. She is also an adjunct Associate Professor at St. John's Research Institute in Bangalore, India, and a Fellow at the Center for Geographic Analysis, Harvard University. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from McGill University, Master of Public Health degree from Brown University, and Master of Science and Doctor of Science degrees in Epidemiology and Nutritional Epidemiology from Harvard University.

Dr. Finkelstein is an epidemiologist with expertise in the design and conduct of randomized clinical trials, cohort studies, and surveillance programs in resource-limited settings. The goal of the Finkelstein Laboratory is to elucidate the role of micronutrients in the etiology of anemia and adverse pregnancy outcomes, to improve the health of mothers and young children. This approach integrates nutrition, epidemiology, immunology, and biostatistics, with emphasis on translating cutting-edge laboratory findings to inform interventions and public health approaches in at-risk populations.