William Yeats put it best: Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire

My training in public health, nutrition, epidemiology, and biostatistics have shaped my perspectives in teaching and mentoring. As a scientist and public health practitioner, I envision my role is to inspire the next generation of leaders in the field of nutrition and global health. During the past five years, I have gained extensive experience teaching epidemiology, nutrition research methods, and geospatial science and technology (GIST) to undergraduates, graduate students, and public health practitioners. This approach integrates a strong foundation in biological sciences and quantitative research methods, foster critical thinking and analytic methods, and application to develop solutions to improve the health of populations. In the Division of Nutritional Sciences, I teach NS3600 | Epidemiology, the foundational epidemiology methods course in our new undergraduate major, Global and Public Health Sciences, and the B-vitamins section in our graduate nutritional biochemistry course, NS6310 | Micronutrients: Function, Homeostasis and Assessment. I serve as faculty advisor for students in the graduate field of epidemiology at Cornell, advise undergraduate students in Global and Public Health Sciences and Human Biology Health and Society, and mentor undergraduate, masters, doctoral, and post-doctoral trainees as part of my research laboratory.

Courses Taught:

NS3600 | Epidemiology
NS6310 | Micronutrients: Function, Homeostasis and Assessment, B-vitamins section

BIOG4990 | Independent Undergraduate Research in Biology
NS4010 | Empirical Research